Michelle and Chris | Wedding Photography | Spring Hill, Maine

Michelle and her bridal party started the day at her family’s beautiful home in Portsmouth, NH, where they sipped mimosas, and got ready. When I arrived, Michelle was dealing with some uncertainties regarding the DJ and the limo, yet there was no stress, just a calm hope that everything was going to work out like it should. And everything did work out, as everything tends to, with people who are easy-going.

Here’s a good example of how easy-going this group truly is: Upon arriving at the ceremony, they realized that all of their bouquets had been left behind, and there wasn’t time to go back and get them, since they were already running slightly behind schedule. Where panic might naturally have set in, Michelle and her bridesmaids kept it together, and improvised. As each of them walked down the aisle, no one was any the wiser that the flowers they were holding were arrangements from the table centerpieces, not actual bouquets!

The weather was everything a bride (or, a photographer) could ever hope for; it was warm, but breezy, light, but overcast — Michelle’s up-do was blown asunder, but somehow it still really worked for her, and we were able to take a few outdoor photos before the rain set in.

Wait. What’s that you say? Why would we let a little rain stop our photo shoot? Well, the first reason is that Michelle and Chris prefer candids so, a few lightly posed photos were enough for them. The other more deciding factor was that it wasn’t just rain, it was a storm with high expectations of tornadoes, and funnel clouds (this little prediction was somewhat unexpected, as the weather forecasts hadn’t mentioned it until we were already at the reception!).

Maybe you’re wondering: did this put a damper on the night? Did this party end early? Those are reasonable questions, but the answer to both is a resounding “No!” The wedding party, and guests were not at all shaken by the possibility of flying cows, à la Twister. Their collective energy for dancing didn’t waver, no matter the rain that pounded at the roof above them, or the wind hissing through the windows. It was inspiring.

It was wonderful that the celebration did not abate, despite the weather! I will say, however, that I was white-knuckled on my drive home, my heart beating a frenzied and unfamiliar rhythm — and not without good reason, for as I drove I did see a funnel cloud! But… it was all worth it, and I had a wonderful time photographing Michelle and Chris’s very special day!

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