Katie and Ryan | Midland Ontario Wedding Photographer

Katie and Ryan had their wedding at her family’s home in Midland, Ontario, back in October. Portraits were done at Midland Bay Landing Park, and their reception was at Dillon’s Wood Fired Pizza. Katie and her bridesmaids’ elegant updos were by Elisha, from Let Me Do Your Hair, makeup was by the lovely Glitz Gals, and their gorgeous florals were from Fresh by Leanne.

This one meant a lot to me, you guys.

Growing up, my brother and I were friends of Katie and her sisters. Katie is a couple of years younger than I am and when you’re a kid those age differences seem significant. At first, it was a bit strange to picture the fire-haired “Little Katie R.,” as my brother calls her, all grown up and ready to start her own family. But, the years have passed, and she is a successful, hilarious (some things never change), and beautiful young woman.

Katie, I’m so happy to know that you’ve found the one who speaks (or, should I say sings) your language. Ryan, it’s clear that you already have a beloved, pizza-shaped space in Katie’s family. They are the kind of people who breathe love and kindness and I can tell, from how you are with Katie, and from the unique relationships you have with your dear mom, and your good friends, that you are the same.

Your wedding was one amazing day, and now I wish you a delicious, musical, woodsy, love-filled future together.





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