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When I was a kid, I used to love painting my room, and decorating the walls with photos of friends. Nothing fancy; just silly point and shoot prints, and photobooth shots (not to mention the posters of Devon Sawa that I used to get from teen magazines, because I thought he was so dreamy as the human version of Casper the friendly ghost. Embarrassing childhood memories, awww).

I’ve always had the urge to bedeck my living spaces, but I’ve moved a lot over the years, and it started to seem like too much hassle/sadness to continually decorate and dismantle. For a while now, my walls have been pretty boring but, Ken and I are finally in a place where we’ll likely be staying for a while and I’m happy to say that I seem to have gotten my decorating groove back!

I took this photo during our first visit to Chicago. Ken was at a job interview, and I was out experiencing the city. We agreed to be cool about all of our options, and not get our hearts set on any one place but, if I’m being honest, this was the day I realized that I kinda superduper wanted us to live here. On the outside, I was all, “Chicago… meh,” but on the inside I was already filing for a new visa.

You can find tulips like these anywhere, but they’ll forever remind me of the day I became smitten with this fine city. I love that you can see some of Chicago’s iconic buildings in the distance in this photo, and I like how it’s obvious that it was taken from Millennium Park. I debated printing this as just a large fine art print, but in the end, I didn’t want the richness of the photo to have to contend with glare, or framing. I like the subtle texture of the canvas, and I think it’s lovely how the image wraps over the edges — the Diamond Building looks especially cool.

This is a 16×24 inch gallery wrap. Gallery wraps are photographs printed on canvas and wrapped over wood frames, they come with bumpers and wall hangers.

Look at those clean corners. Perfecto!

Prints are wonderful, especially the ones that remind you of how sweet life can be, and how far you’ve come.


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