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I ordered this gorgeous book as a studio sample, and thought I’d take a moment to share it, along with some info about my albums.

A lot of traditional wedding albums tend to have leather covers — I offer these too; they’re beautiful and there is a great range of colors and textures to choose from. I also do vegan-leather, or café leather books. My personal favorites, however, are the fabric covers. The sea of possibilities is vast, the color options know no bounds, and the creative embossing choices are limitless. With most of these fabric covers, I know that my clients who have vegan or vegetarian values will be very happy knowing that their heirloom book honors their lifestyle choices, as well as their special day. And, values aside, the fabric books are just really, really unique and pretty!

For this album, I went with a shimmery gold cover, I chose a blind emboss, and let the iridescence of the fabric do the work of illuminating the text. Embossing can be done in so many different colors or foils. This cover features the font that I use for my logo. Almost any text or design (that I can create) can be embossed on these covers, so they are quite customizable. I think the gold is perfect for showcasing Erica and Terry’s wedding; her Louboutins are gold and sparkly, and a lot of the photos have golden tones. The couple ordered their album in white leather, with gold embossing — it too is gorgeous.

Layout and Design
I generally believe that less is more. This book has 30 pages (not all pages are shown below), and although more spreads can be added, I tend to find albums with hundreds of pages a bit overwhelming. I like to create my pages and spreads with simplicity and flow in mind. My goal is to highlight the most exceptional images that really tell your story. As you can see, the 30 page book is still very substantive.

You’ll notice that some of the images cover the midline of the book. I love this feature — the pages are folded at the center instead of cut, therefore there is no gap at the bind, and no image loss on spreads. For some designs, I think the center-cut is okay, and I do from time to time order albums with clean cut centers, however, I truly do love the folded books.

The most important thing is:
Don’t let your jpgs grow up to be jpgs! Albums are forever.




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