Winter Photo Fun!

If you live in Chicago, you know how dreamy the city has been since we had our first big snowfall. It’s pure magic (ask me in a month, and I’ll be over it, but for now it’s all love). As soon as Ken and I saw the sky go white, we dashed outside with a camera and played around.

The last photo in the bunch is one that I took, the rest are Ken’s (is there anything this man can’t do? He never ceases to amaze me!). Since these are just shots of little ol’ me, I thought it would be fun to try a slightly different editing approach. I’m feeling inspired by minimal grain Kodak films right now, I like how the colors, while slightly muted, are still generally true to reality.

Do you prefer the clear, vibrant nature of digital, or are you an old school romantic like me? Sometimes it’s so tough to choose. Speaking of film, I should probably find a new darkroom where I can develop my ever-growing roll pile. My old place has sadly closed. If anyone has a recommendation, holla!

Anyone wanna to come play in the snow with me? Shooting outside is basically all I want to do right now.

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