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In May, I posted some photos of Chicago on my old blog. In my original post, I said the city was beautiful, and that it felt like home, but with the majesty of the unknown. Well, now it actually is our home, and I’m determined to get to know it! Though I hope the majestic vibe won’t dull. In my excitement about this new adventure Ken and I are embarking on, and in the spirit of over-sharing, I thought I’d post some photos of our first days in our new place.

The days before the movers arrived with our stuff were a lot of fun! No bed? Pure bliss. I love sleeping on camping mats! If you have insomnia, I highly recommend grabbing a sleeping bag and going outside, or simply camping on your floor. It’s my opinion that the physical discomfort of being on the floor distracts the rapidly spinning hamster wheel that is the mind, thereby forcing you to be present. Ken thinks it’s hilarious that we have the single most comfortable bed in existence and I sleep better on the floor — there have been a few times before that he’s woken to find me passed out shavasana-style on my yoga mat in our livingroom. 🙂

Oh, and before I get to the photos, you’ve probably noticed that the subtitle of this post is “Sunday Everyday,” let me explain: I have issues with blogging. I love the concept, but I find it to be a kind of intimidating experience. Although I’m a competent writer, I worry that I’m coming off as inauthentic — too forced, too formal, or worse: too branded. Ick. Anyway, I figure on Sundays, I’ll challenge myself to blog a little something about my everyday life. This way, clients and blog visitors can get to know me, and I can get better at blogging!

I’m Sunday, everyday, and I’ll blog about it on Sundays — brilliant, right? 😉 Oh boy…let’s see how long this lasts. How about March? Surely you’ll be tired of me by then. Okay, picture time!

These amazing pastries are from The Austrian Bakery. I’m really afraid/stoked about what’s going to happen to my eating habits with such sweet restaurants so close to home!

To have a husband who offers to alphabetize the bookshelves is to have true love. * le sigh*

Chicago photos will follow. Don’t fret, my pets.






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