Light Show at Lincoln Park Zoo | Sunday Everyday

You know what’s great about living here? I can swing over to the The Lincoln Park Zoo (and visit my pygmy hippo, Betty) any time I want, for free. A couple nights ago, we ventured over to see the light show — it was brilliant! It reminded me of a nighttime candy land. Really magical. I love events that make me feel like a kid again. 🙂

And then we went for pizza! Not classic Chicago deep dish, as you can see, but still delicious. Mmm, prosciutto, om nom noms.

I loved every minute of our Zoo Lights experience, but it was pretty darn cold. So cold that it inspired me to knit a new snugglably warm winter hat. If you didn’t already know it, I knit (nerdily). This gorgeous wool was a going away gift from my former colleagues, it’s lovely, right? I started this hat one morning this week, and it was my first project that required me to use two colors — for some weird reason I had avoided those patterns before, but now that I know how easy it is I think I might get a bit addicted.

I finished it later that night.

And, I wore it the next day. I had just gotten back from a coffee run and was feeling ambitious when I made this photo. It is a good example of how not to pose for a self portrait. Somewhere in some unpacked boxes is my remote trigger, I must find it! Measuring the distance, setting the timer, quickly running, posing, and hoping for the best just doesn’t work for me. *Sigh* But, at least you see how the hat looks. It is so soft and cozy — it feels really luxurious, but looks so simple.



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  • Jessica - LOVE the Christmas light pictures. That takes skill to be able to capture them as well as you did!

    It also takes skills to knit that hat! lovely.
    Next stop: Chicago.ReplyCancel