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This blog normally features pretty, happy photos, so this post may seem a bit incongruous, but I hope you will read it and look at the pictures anyway. Yesterday, Ken and I attended the “Justice for Trayvon” rally at the Dirksen Federal Building in Chicago. Thousands of people attended; all of whom are furious about the racist and obscene “not guilty” verdict of George Zimmerman, disgusted with the manipulation of the “stand your ground” laws, and ready to have their voices heard and make change happen.

It was a very peaceful, moving demonstration and it truly felt like a community. There will be another rally at the same location next Saturday, and I hope even more people will attend.

One of the speakers yesterday reminded the crowd that while we’re angry now, immediately after this bullshit verdict, we need to hold onto that outrage and continue to speak out as the weeks and months go by. Change doesn’t happen when people sit at home and say “what a shame” and then forget about it. Change happens when people are persistent.

Business related aside:

Many wedding and lifestyle photographers advise their peers to keep their online personas apolitical, lest they should scare off any potential clients. Small business owners are always being reminded: “You are your brand!” And I agree; I am my brand. And my brand is non-violent, and anti-racism and prejudice. It is socially responsible. If that offends anyone to the point that they would choose not to hire me, then so much the better for me. Life is short, and I won’t spend mine cowering to bigots. 😀

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  • Natalie - Your conviction and your willingness to speak about it here shows the strength of your character. Your passion for your art and your politics will attract just the kind of clientele you’ll enjoy working with, I think. Integrity is infectious.ReplyCancel

    • Tennile Sunday - Thanks, Natalie. I hope you’re right! 🙂ReplyCancel