Happy Thanksgiving!

This Canadian is still not sure about this Thanksgiving in November/football on Thanksgiving business. But, I suppose, no matter the day — or the fact that calling football “football” doesn’t make sense — the heart of the holiday is the same. I’m thankful for a lot of big, serious stuff, but it’s the little things that make my world go ’round. A few things I’m thankful for today are…

  • My brother, Jordan, being an accomplished quoter of all of our favorite movies: “Look, I toldja before, kid, don’t bother me. Now beat it!”
  • Frankie Edgar and Jose Aldo on UFC’s February 2 card (Team Edgar, as if you had to ask)
  • When people get my name right on the first try
  • Reading about my best friend’s impending National Lampoon’s Christmas lights disaster, via fb message (“One sec. Helping Clark put up the lights!”)
  • Ken teaching me how to play complicated songs on the guitar and then smiling encouragingly while I totally butcher said songs
  • Four-day weekends
  • Ken being quiet so I can sleep-in like a teenager
  • The fancy lattes he makes me on the regular

Not to make this post ooze cheese, but I really am the luckiest person in the life-partner department, and I’m thankful for that everyday.






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