Happy New Year!

It’s been real, 2013!

Looking back on the year, I’ve come up with a long list of goals (I don’t care for “resolutions”) for 2014. I thought I’d share a few of them.

I would like to…

Initiate personal photography projects

I have ideas for personal photojournalism projects, but I always find a way to put them off. Sometimes, I’ll dismiss an idea because it’s too “dark” and not in line with my wedding and lifestyle work. Sometimes, I press pause because the idea doesn’t seem whole. Or, I doubt myself. I doubt that I would do it justice. I doubt that anyone would be interested.  I worry that it wouldn’t be a good use of my time.

In 2014, I’d like to jump into some of these personal projects, whether they’re conceptually perfect or not. Other facets of my creative personality need room to breathe, and perfection is such a remote possibility in all things anyway.

Volunteer more

Everyday I walk by people in this city who rely on the kindness of members in their community just to get them through the night – to feed them, to give them shelter. It is -16 degrees Celsius outside today (3 Fahrenheit), and I can’t believe there are people who have no choice but to endure it. It feels like the least I can do, to donate some of my time to helping out at a community shelter, or other such program to support homeless people.


Writing was my first love. I’ve put it aside over the past couple of years because, for me, it isn’t always conducive to good mental health. But, I’m ready to start writing again. Even just notebook jottings. Even writing without a place to publish. Just to connect with that part of myself again.


I love my job, but sometimes getting “the shot” is tough. Sometimes the gear is heavy. Sometimes I feel like I can’t choose which pictures to edit and which ones to cut. Sometimes I do more emailing than shooting.

It’s all part of it, and it’s all good, but I want to make sure I keep a steady stream of photographic fun. Therefore, I’ll try to spend time playing with lomography. Lomography is great, because it requires you to give up control, and let your little camera work its magic. It’s also film photography, so photo editing is totally optional. Behold the Christmas present that will help me with this goal:


I wish you all a fantastic New Year!



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