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Hello, my beauties! Today, I have something a little different for you. In July, I got together with the lovely Sylvia Bart — a talented fashion stylist — to help document some of her interesting and edgy visions. Sylvia is a graduate of Columbia College’s Fashion Studies program, and has recently moved to LA where she’s just finished collaborating on an independent film, and is now working with a production company.

The looks she put together for this shoot felt very city-industrial, and are all way too risqué for me. Par exemple, the french-cut collared shirt (designed and created by Sylvia) has buttons, but doesn’t actually button up; it’s meant to be worn open! Maybe with a little fashion tape it would be safe, but I still wouldn’t have the moxie for it!

Luckily, our gorgeous model, Natalia Stepien, had no fear, even when Sylvia had her sport body jewelry in place of a shirt. Speaking of bravery, Natalia also totally rocked the beach portion of our session despite it being cold and windy as heck out. She was covered in goosebumps but never complained. What a girl!

Below is my favorite shot.

Sylvia in action, getting Natalia all beautiful.

I finally got Natalia to laugh! She wears braces right now, and wouldn’t give me any smiles with teeth showing. I had to be sneaky. 😉

I’d never done a fashion shoot before, and really enjoyed this one. I hope you liked it too!



Sylvia is now back in Chicago, and is working on Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, AND Mind Games TV shows.
And, busy woman that she is, she’s also developing a new wedding line, so look for her at local wedding shows! Keep an eye out here on my blog too, as I will be photographing Sylvia’s line of wedding gowns.

Also, thank you to makeup artist Alexa Glombicki, for making Natalia look so rad!

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