A Smoothie Recipe | Sunday Everyday

So, it’s my third in the series and all I have for you this week are smoothies. But, who doesn’t love smoothies? This is what my breakfast looks like almost every day (except brunch days). Pretty awesome, right? This is really Ken’s creation, and I’m never too particular about measuring ingredients, but here are the guestimated basics for one smoothie:

1/3 cup milk (I’m sure a milk substitute would work too)
1/3 cup purple juice (blueberry, pomegranate, grape… anything purple!)
1/2 banana (I peel, and freeze them)
2 oz (but I just use 1/3 cup) of frozen peaches, mango, or pineapples (I used pineapples — they’re in there, you just can’t see ’em!)
2 oz (again, 1/3 cup) of frozen berries of your choice (mine have a mix of berries, but mostly strawberries in the first one)
1 tbsp of protein powder, if you’re into that (I don’t usually, because why ruin a good smoothie with something yucky, however I’m considering adding spiru-tein, for days when I’m running extra far)
Put in a fancy boat wine glass, and top with a berry because you’re classy like that. Also, holding the wine glass stem keeps your hands from getting too cold while you drink.

I like using more strawberries, but here is a purple berry variety. If you use purple berries, you will get a more purple looking smoothie… what a revelation! 😉 Also, I think I put too much liquid in this one — that’s why the bubbles, but still… nom.

Some people may say this is too sweet for breakfast, but they can just take their oatmeal campaign elsewhere. Bottoms up!


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