Mother and Daughter Portraits | Chicago Family Photographer

I’ve known Tanya since we were two years old. We have one of those friendships that don’t need much maintenance, which is really good because we don’t live in the same country, and that makes getting together pretty tough. A meet up once or twice a year does the trick, though. This year, she and her daughter LK (my pollo) visited for a week, and Ken and I showed them around the city. Every time I see LK, she is so much more grown up than before. It’s cliché, but kids grow up so dang fast! Lucky for me, this kid is chicken of a lot of things, but not the camera. Actually, she’s quite brave in general, and I only call her chicken/pollo, so she’ll prove me wrong and be the fearless girl she is.  Yes, I’m a terrible auntie. If it makes it any better, she calls me auntie, or sometimes, poulet. 😉

These photos were taken at Montrose Beach.



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