Family Photography | White Park, Concord, NH

I photographed Carolyn and her oldest daughter, Raelynn, a while back when the littlest one, Rachel, was still but a bump. Raelynn was a whole lot tinier too, come to think of it– when we met up for this session, I was shocked at how tall she’d gotten. It’s remarkable, how quickly things change–Carolyn and her husband are now parents of two, and Raelynn is a big sister! Meanwhile, I got a new website, and branding (okay, so my changes aren’t quite as exciting). Anyway, less about me, more about these cuties.

One thing that made this session so awesome is that these are two of the coolest parents I’ve met; they really just let their kids be kids–there’s no emergency helicopter hovering. If someone falls down, it’s no biggie (heck, it even makes for a lovely picture). If a little bit of grass gets chomped, no problem; it’s immune system ammo (and Carolyn would know, since she’s an amazing Health Coach). They don’t mind if the girls get their feet dirty, or if every hair is precisely in place, as long as everyone’s having a good time. It’s the perfect approach to take in almost any situation, especially a portrait session!

I love this last one of Rachel’s tiny little hand holding her dad’s–I think it illustrates how completely cared for she is, at this stage, and how warm, loving, and vitally important family is.



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