Mari and Clay | Chicago Couples Photographer

There’s so much to swoon for in this session; the glowy light, the colorful flowers, and, of course, the beautiful couple. But, my favorite thing about these pictures is the insight they give into the kind of love Mari and Clay have — the warmth and playfulness of it, the comfort and equality.

Behind the scenes, I asked them the ever-tricky question, “When did you realize it was love?”

Some couples, when asked this question, will think for a beat and then site the particular moment when they “knew” — the “Aha!” moment, if you will. Some people know exactly how many dates it took! And, I have oft heard (and been incredulous of), the “love at first sight” claim.

When I asked this question of Mari and Clay, they didn’t bother trying to pinpoint the exact moment the love cup raneth over, and they didn’t rattle off any cliches. Instead, they told me some of the things they love and admire about each other, and described to me how wonderful it is to continually grow — as individuals, and as a couple — all the while finding new things to adore about each other and their relationship.

Mari told me how smart, funny, and all around charming her beau is. Clay told me how much he values Mari’s intellect, and the way she thinks deeply and sensitively about issues before choosing a stance. He told me what a tender heart she has, and how she cares extraordinarily for others.

“She’s also easy on the eyes!” he said, stealing a glance her way.

Well, Clay, I think we’re all totally with you on that one. 😉



Location: North Pond, Lincoln Park

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