Lauren and Drew | Chicago Engagement Photographer

A Sunrise Engagement Session at 31st Street Beach, in Chicago, Illinois


Waking up early has never really been my thing. Sure, I’ve dabbled; I’ve done the whole 5am journal and meditation schtick, and felt that false sense of superiority at being so self-disciplined and balanced. But, you know, it always crumbled eventually. I have a strong love of burrowing into soft pillows, snuggling with my pupper, Akiyo (who is also not a morning person), and waking to the smell of coffee already brewing (made by Ken who, thankfully, is definitely a morning person).

All that being said, I’d consider converting to the ways of the AM folks again, if it meant all my engagement sessions would have this lovely pink light, and my couples and I would enjoy vast expanses of beach to ourselves. A great idea, Lauren! I only wish I could look so bright-eyed and radiant, as these two did, at this early an hour (and have as much unbridled energy as their silly-piggy pup, Riggins).

To my future adventurous couples: Let’s do a sunrise session. And, please, bring your dog!

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