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I’ve never been one to put my wishes out to the universe but, I realize that friends/clients — you wonderful people who are the foundation of my business — need to truly know me to fully support, and get the most from me.

Therefore, I want to tell you all the places that I would like to take my wedding photography business!

Before I start, I feel the need to say that although I have gone to plenty of cool locations for weddings, I don’t view weddings as my passport to the world.

In fact, I’ve already been to many of the places on my wedding wish list, and I’ve been deeply inspired by them, and that’s why I want to shoot your wedding at any of these fantastic locations — because I believe inspiration, and vision are key to good photography, and I want to share mine with you.

Now for the lists!

Places that I have shot weddings:

Portsmouth, NH
Chicago (of course!)
Winnetka, IL
Lake Geneva, WI
Midland, ON, Canada

Places where I would like to shoot weddings (this list is by no means conclusive):


  • Toronto
  • Ontario – At a vineyard, in your backyard, in the woods, wherever!
  • Anywhere on Georgian Bay (childhood memories!)
  • Quebec
  • Canmore and Banff, Alberta/anywhere in the rockies
  • Vancouver, Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, Tofino
  • Squamish and Whistler
  • Nova Scotia
  • Anywhere you want to get married! Canada is a beautiful country, and let’s be honest, I will not pass up an opportunity to come back to the motherland.



  • More in Vermont, and Maine! Especially mountainside, or oceanside.
  • Colorado
  • Anywhere with mountains
  • On a beach
  • Hawaii
  • Painted Desert (Arizona), or any desert for that matter!
  • New Orleans
  • Louisiana


  • Mexico
  • Costa Rica
  • Panama
  • Brazil
  • Cuba (bonus points for a shoot in Old Havana)
  • India
  • Thailand
  • Wherever you are getting married!


Dream locations

  • Ireland – All I could think of when I was in Ireland was how great it would be to shoot a wedding there. So fresh. So many shades of green!
  • Iceland
  • Portugal – extra love if it’s in a tiny town where pastries and coffee are a local priority
  • France
  • Italy


Thank you for checking out my long list. If you, or anyone you know is planning a wedding at my any of my wish list locations, I would absolutely love to hear from you! And, of course, keep in mind that special rates and custom collections are available for all destination weddings. 😀



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