I am no longer accepting client bookings,

instead I hope to use this as a place to house personal work,

artistic experiments, and maybe some environmental or political food for thought.

On the Blog


- Megan & Doug "Meeting with Tennile the first time (and every time from that moment on) was like having coffee with an old friend. She is not only a lovely, caring, soft-spoken soul, but an amazingly-creative, attentive artist with a keen eye for telling your story-- no awkward poses, no goofy, staged scenes." d
- Abby & David "Tennile is a fantastic photographer, a fantastic person, and was one of the best parts of our wedding day- we can’t say enough good things about her or recommend her enough." d
- Natalie & Steve "We can't say enough about how awesome it was having Tennile as our photographer.... On the wedding day, she and her teammate felt like part of the crew, and the photos turned out AMAZING. We'd recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer for their wedding or otherwise." d