Hi! I’m Tennile (Tuh-neel OR Ten-eel OR Tin-eel),  Tennile Sunday

I live in Chicago, and I love it here. I’m originally from Toronto, Canada and, depending on who you ask, I may or may not have a charming pronunciation of the word “about.”

Before I took up photography professionally, I worked in book publishing, and as a writer and editor. I crave creativity, and story telling — the medium isn’t necessarily the most important detail.

I’m great at reading people, and situations; I like to understand the intricacies of relationships, and to convey the subtleties and uniqueness of the people that I photograph.

I am based in Chicago, and available for weddings and photography projects in the US, Canada, or anywhere your heart desires.

10 Random Facts You Never Wanted to Know About Me

  • I hibernate in winter, knitting mitten after mitten, after ill-shapen hat.
  • Nature is the best! I try hard to be environmentally good.
  • I like climbing – if you ever need a belayer, or someone to make you look good, just holla.
  • “Did you actually just use that word in a sentence?” <– That’s a question my friends often ask me.
  • I enjoy painting.
  • Mental health awareness and destigmatization is very important to me.
  • Sharks are my favorite.
  • I am learning to play the ukulele and I’m super excited about it.
  • Love is love. Equality is everything. I advocate for women’s rights, human rights, and LGBTQ rights.
  • I will travel anywhere.




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